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WORTH Partnership Project

Mysa: haptic breathwork shirt

Through waves of touch the MYSA shirt stimulates your body awareness and intuitively guides your breathing to find a sense of calm, balance, and grounding.

Mysa: haptic breathwork shirt

The message of the project

The MYSA project conveys the message that our bodies and minds haven't kept pace with the data rush and social pressures of the modern era. This leaves many of us grappling with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, cognitive overload, and a disconnect from our own bodies.

MYSA, through its touch-based technology, aims to enhance body awareness and facilitate intuitive breathing guidance. This haptic smart shirt is designed to assist in regulating the nervous system, fostering a sense of calm, balance, and grounding by delivering nurturing sensations. MYSA serves as a personal wearable companion for mindful breathing, readily available wherever you go.

The idea behind the project

The concept behind the MYSA project is rooted in the personal experiences of its founders, who have witnessed the transformative impact of breathwork on their lives. They've found that conscious breathing practices can help restore balance, alleviate chronic pain, and manage anxiety. Recognizing the benefits of breathwork, they are committed to inspiring others to cultivate a regular practice because even small adjustments in one's breathing patterns can have a profound influence on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

However, they've also identified a common challenge: many people struggle to maintain a consistent breathwork routine. Practicing alone can be difficult, and staying committed on both good and bad days can be a formidable task.

To address this challenge, MYSA combines patented technologies with the comfort and soothing qualities of textiles. The MYSA shirt is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate a series of vibration motors positioned along the spine and near the diaphragm. These vibrations travel like waves across the wearer's back, offering intuitive and discreet guidance for personalized breathing exercises. MYSA is intended to assist wearers in establishing and adhering to a daily breathwork regimen, all while enhancing their body awareness and providing a nurturing embrace. User experience, sustainability, and attention to detail are paramount in the design of MYSA. As a base layer garment, the shirt serves as a discreet coach, offering a hands-free and screen-free solution to support users on their wellness journey.

What next?

We envision a future where the emphasis has shifted from today's focus on the mind, on knowledge, and intellect, towards 'body intelligence': knowing through the body and enhancing body awareness. Our goal is to contribute to this shift by empowering individuals to prioritize mindful body leadership. MYSA provides daily support to help people enhance their well-being, performance, and overall health

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