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WORTH Partnership Project

NOEM. Sustainable furniture range

Furniture that is both sustainable and lightweight, as well as easily adjustable and durable

NOEM. Sustainable furniture range

The message of the project

The project's overarching concept is founded on the premise that the only way to develop towards a better society is to respect workers' rights while also protecting the environment.

The term Noem is derived from "No emissions," a lifestyle that lowers their environmental impact and allows them to enjoy items that do not jeopardise their future and the future of following generations.

NOEM. Sustainable furniture range

The idea behind the project 

Noem is a furniture family that emphasises environmental and social implications. The components are durable, lightweight, and adjustable, and they are sold in flat packs to maximise efficiency.

Traditionally, furniture is manufactured from a variety of materials that are bonded together, making it hard to repair or recycle. The Noem line is an example of integrating ecodesign methods throughout the product's lifecycle to have a substantially better environmental effect.

The partnership between Formesa Oy, a Finnish plywood producer, and Nutcreatives, a product design studio based in Barcelona, has allowed the use of glues with low emissions of formaldehyde in the production of plywood parts, resulting in a healthier product for indoor use.

NOEM. Sustainable furniture range
NOEM. Sustainable furniture range

What next?

Noem is devoted to providing a pleasant experience when assembling the product in order to develop in people a different connection with common objects, since the products help shape their reality.

Noem products are intended to be dismantled and sent in lightweight, flat packaging. Dividing items into sections also makes this furniture line extremely easy to repair because extra parts for reparability will be provided, allowing the products to live longer and achieve easier recycling. These attributes are uncommon in other furniture goods, which have a significant environmental impact during transportation and eventually end up in landfills.

NOEM. Sustainable furniture range
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