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WORTH Partnership Project


A new rubber waste material that may be customised for any sector of innovation


Outside-In is a project developed within WORTH European Partnership. It focuses on material research and implementation of silicone slabs through the use of natural pigments and the exploration of advanced production techniques.

The modular tile system is made of regenerated silicone rubber, incorporating industrial scraps. Such re-purposed material, retrieved from disposed silicone moulds used in industrial production, is blended with virgin raw silicone and natural pigments (such as Spirulina algae, Rubia Tinctorum root, Reseda Luteola plant, etc.), which emphasize the natural look and feel of the material.

The semi-transparency of the tyles generates plays of light, providing a good balance between isolation and sociability. This aspect allows to experience how, even in times of ever-increasing urbanisation and people concentration, we can find balance between social interaction and privacy by means of an artistic filter.

The project focuses on the interaction between man and art on several levels. First, silicone is a material made to be touched, creating an immediate sensorial connection. Moreover, the product is totally customizable: the use of the most advanced water-jet technology enables total freedom in terms of design of the tyles, while constant research on pigments ensures endless possibilities of colouring.


“The Door” is an immersive multisensorial journey that blends art and consciousness, eyesight and tactility, encouraging the interaction between humans and art and the desire to rethink creatively.

This project gives form to the artistic inspiration that Alessandro Ciffo had while approaching to recycled materials, and conveys a fundamental message to everyone: once opened “The Door” and entered the world of regenerated materials, you can meet countless new realities, all linked by a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the society of the future.

In this situation, the spectator is called to act, going from being a mere viewer to an active player who can move the reused silicone cubes, thus giving a new shape to “The Door”.

The material itself invites the audience to touch it and play with it: silicone, unlike other compact and solid materials such as resins or plastics, provides flexibility, softness and, ultimately, a “human touch” that establishes a direct connection with people. The use of natural pigments (such as Spirulina algae, Rubia Tinctorum root, Reseda Luteola plant, etc.) emphasizes the natural look and feel of the silicone rubber.

“The Door” is developed in the frame of the “OutsideIn” project where Alessandro Ciffo works in collaboration with Sargomma SB, an Italian rubber manufacturing company with a strong interest in alternative materials, and Daria Biryukova from Studio Mixtura, a design alchemist with a fascination to experiment with waste and secondary raw materials.

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SARGOMMA Srl Società Benefit = Lead Partner


XXI SILICO di Ciffo Alessandro & C. S.a.S


Studio Mixtura