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WORTH Partnership Project

R-Coat - broken umbrellas into demi couture fashion

R-Coat is a community-based fashion brand that repurposes broken umbrellas into authentic and vibrant fashion for people who seek iconic yet conscious clothing and accessories.

R-Coat - broken umbrellas into demi couture fashion

The message of the project

Every year, over one billion umbrellas become waste, as they cannot be recycled and end up in landfills, incinerated, or contaminating natural areas.

R-Coat, a community-based fashion brand, is dedicated to revolutionizing the industry through sustainable practices. They creatively repurpose textile waste, including discarded umbrellas, to make a positive impact on the environment and promote unique and vibrant fashion, aligning with SDGs 12 and 13. Founders Anna Masiello and Yasmin Medeiros draw inspiration from their Italian and Brazilian backgrounds, infused with Nordic design functionality, creating a captivating and colorful identity that embodies urban living. This blend of influences is seamlessly translated into wearable art, giving each piece a distinct and beautiful aesthetic.

The idea behind the project

The R-Coat journey began with Anna, originally from Italy, while studying Environmental Sustainability in Portugal. During her zero-waste journey, she noticed broken umbrellas on rainy days, realizing their environmental impact. Collecting 30 umbrellas, she crafted a simple windbreaker called R-Coat and set up collection points in collaboration with local shops. The community began contributing broken umbrellas. Meanwhile, Yasmin from Brazil was pursuing her master's thesis in Circular Economy in Fashion in Portugal and shared a vision of creating a fashion brand based on social justice and environmental preservation. She joined Anna, transforming the idea into an innovative fashion brand.

The business and prototypes were developed in 2020, and the first fashion collection was launched in May 2021. Today, R-Coat sells worldwide online and in multi-brand shops in Portugal and Italy. Their innovative business model garnered media attention, with features in over 20 publications since 2021, including Fast Company NY and Forbes Portugal.

What next?

Without any formal design background, but driven by their passion, Anna and Yasmin succeeded in creating high-quality garments and accessories characterized by functional design and distinctive aesthetics. They initially repurposed umbrella canopies into clothing, and now they're taking on the challenge of turning umbrella metal structures into jewelry. Collaborating with Roberta Meola, a fashion designer with a focus on sustainability, their goal is to elevate their designs to demi-couture, incorporating new techniques that emphasize sustainability and expand their reach to new markets and consumer demographics. They also aim to foster innovation and inclusivity by providing digital patterns, empowering individuals to craft their own products.

Their vision involves establishing a presence in the international European market, with a particular focus on Italy and the Netherlands. Their primary collection emphasizes casual wear and lifestyle designs, experimenting with vibrant and playful color combinations. In addition, the demi-couture capsule collection transforms basic rain jackets into statement pieces with a sophisticated aesthetic. They also offer an essential line of basic accessories that can complement everyday outfits, adding a unique twist to one's look.

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