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WORTH Partnership Project

Rent the Rain

Raincoat rental service for hotels

Rent the Rain

The message of the project: 

RENT THE RAIN provides hotels with a raincoat rental service that they can provide to their customers as a sustainable offering. The initiative arose from a desire to contribute to and support the critical shifts in consumption and ownership in the fashion industry. They are creating the necessary software to deliver this specialised leasing service.

The idea of the project:

The idea is to provide hotel guests with an alternative to single-use plastic ponchos and disposable umbrellas, allowing them to enjoy their destination city in comfort and style, regardless of the weather. The beneficial impact is increased further by establishing a circular loop via which the 100% mono-polyester raincoats are recycled.

The design of the fitted technical raincoat, which remains the most significant aspect in the expression of the BYBROWN jackets, kicks off the creative process.

Other considerations include circularity as well as deconstruction and recycling. The coat must be fashionable, modern, and adaptable to all genders and sizes. It allows clients to try something new, something they wouldn't normally buy, but something exciting, letting them indulge their alter ego while remaining dry.

Both parties are committed to bringing the fashion business ahead, and the mix of cutting-edge software and renting surely pushes the envelope. BYRBROWN's rainwear artistry, paired with Irena Popovikj's knowledge of software solutions, forged a powerful alliance. With over 20 years of business and creative expertise, their cooperation provides hotels with a service that fosters circularity.

Rent the Rain

What next?

Once Irena Polovikj has created the MVP, the B2B coat rental service software may be evaluated within the hotels. The pilot's deployment enables feedback from end users (hotel visitors) on the final design of the coat, demand, and user experience of the rental service for both end users and hoteliers. They will be able to enhance this knowledge, optimising all areas in order to roll out an efficient, desirable, and sustainable service.

Rental is, by definition, more inclusive and aware, allowing jackets to be worn by a worldwide audience regardless of gender, age, or culture. Renting helps to create a circular (fashion) system, resulting in more effective and sustainable resource usage by capitalising on the various uses of a single product. The jackets are also constructed of 100% mono-polyester, which can be up-cycled into new cloth.

The collaboration benefits their environment because the gender-neutral coat is not only useful but also elegantly designed. There's no need to wander around in those unsightly, disposable ponchos or use unsustainable umbrellas that detract from the beauty of the day while adding to the mountain of single-use plastics and waste.

Recycling and circularity are the future of the fashion industry, and RENT THE RAIN wants to be a part of that transition.

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