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WORTH Partnership Project


A hemp product that is fair trade, ethical, and environmentally friendly


The message of the project 

The brand's mission is to democratise hemp in textiles since it is the most regenerative plant on the planet and can transform and mitigate the negative effects created by the textile industry.

A project that aspires to create an innovative ecosystem based on regeneratively cultivated hemp fibre in collaboration with artisan communities in Portugal. It intends to create products that respect the environment, are regenerative, and have ethical and social responsibility, by employing traditional techniques and processes that are on the verge of extinction, and by using natural dyes derived from plants, roots, and minerals, which help to reduce tonnes of toxic waste.

SENSIHEMP's fundamental goal is to be a regenerative model, to produce income while also having a beneficial social and environmental effect, and to perceive this as a continuous process that begins with the first section (farmer) and ends with packing.

The idea behind the project 

SENSIHEMP is a fair trade, ethical, and ecologically friendly hemp product created in Portugal.

Marta has 20 years of textile industry expertise, has been involved in brand creation, sustainability legislation, has participated in the recovery of historic textile knowledge, and has fought for a clean and fair fashion sector.

When she initially came into touch with hemp fibre in November 2018, she attempted to make a cloth and ran into a snag. Because the industry had no idea what hemp was and had never worked with this fibre before, they were unprepared. It took two years for the first material to be manufactured in Portugal. Then the epidemic struck, and the plan could only be implemented in September 2021.

They consider the fabric qualities of hemp, draw inspiration from re-use and long-lasting clothing passed down through generations, and include craftsmen' traditional processes.

Since Marta has no expertise as a fashion designer and is SENSIHEMP's only employee, the cooperation was developed through the Worth platform, which helped build a fantastic connection between brand and designer.

SENSIHEMP's goal is to value, preserve the know-how of ancestral techniques in an innovative project, capturing the attention of the youngest in learning. The project is based on collaborations with textile artisans who see their ancestral knowledge at risk, due to their advancing age and lack of interest from young people, due to low wages and devaluation of their highly skilled labour.


What next? 

A new exciting collection will evolve and be added to SENSIHEMP's current collection, drawing inspiration from the circular economy, artisans' techniques, natural dyings, long-lasting garments, and the sustainability of hemp fabric, and leveraging the power of collaboration among artisans to achieve common goals and create impact.

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Marta Vinhas founder


Annette Lennerup partner