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WORTH Partnership Project

TELA - Textiles Evolution Laboratory of Art

TELA - Textiles Evolution Laboratory of Art

The message of the project

The key message of TELA, which stands for the Textiles Evolution Laboratory of Art, is to unite art with traditional craftsmanship, present the feasibility and reduced environmental impact of sustainable design through use of textile waste and focus on safe and fair work relations. It aims to test the replicability of the project in every place where community and tradition coexist and resist, hoping to expand such a model where new markets can be accessed and fruitful partnerships can be created.

The idea behind the project

The project intertwines the work of three different artists that is inspired by the preservation of European cultural heritage, in this case the weaving practices from Portugal, and also minimizes the carbon footprint of the local textile industry. 

Simone Simonato, the founder of SICA UPCYCLING DESIGN™ and who represents the team of TELA, works in partnership with the textile designer and artisan Isabel Cartaxo and the artist Kitra to propose an artistic capsule collection of  meaningful and unique handwoven rugs and home decor by upcycling textile waste from fashion factories.

What next?

The TELA project aspires to create opportunities in promoting conscious consumerism through crafts that are sustainably designed. The vision is to replicate the project in partnership with interdisciplinary artists, creating synergies that ultimately aim to preserve European cultural heritage, traditional craftsmanship and practical knowledge, while being mindful of our planetary boundaries and show respect for social and cultural well-being.

Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Furniture - Home Decoration
Project Challenge
  • Social Innovation





Isabel Cartaxo