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Uppu carafe: the story of Sardinian water

Uppu carafe: the story of Sardinian water

The message of the project

In Sardinia, most people do not drink tap water because they distrust its quality and origin. Instead, they opt for water from disposable bottles purchased at supermarkets. However, these bottles are not reused, leading to a significant plastic waste problem on the island. The project aims to create awareness about the benefits of tap water, with the ultimate goal of reducing plastic pollution stemming from water bottles in Sardinia.

A carafe has been designed specifically for Sardinians to use in their daily consumption of tap water. This carafe represents an innovative approach that incorporates local craftsmanship and utilizes locally sourced raw materials. The hope is that this carafe will serve as an inspiration for changes in behavior, contributing to the development of a more sustainable future.

The idea behind the project

The design of the carafe is inspired by traditional Sardinian water containers. It is crafted by local potters and made from local clay, in which Sardinia is rich. 

The word ‘Uppu’ refers to a handcrafted cork cup that was used to drink water directly from springs and wooden barrels. Nowadays Sardinian tap water comes from lakes. The opening of the Uppu carafe resembles the shape of the lakes.

What next?

Their main goal is to promote good practices related to drinking water in Sardinia that, over time, will lead to a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By sharing the history of traditional ceramic water containers and the origin of tap water in Sardinia, they aim to appeal to everyone's responsibility to the environment and inspire Sardinians to opt for reusable carafes instead of disposable water bottles.

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