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WORTH Partnership Project

Yarn 2 Yarn

Yarn 2 Yarn

The message of the project

We Rewind Knitwear!

From the Y2Y perspective, the knitwear item is viewed much like a music cassette, where the tape can be rewound and played repeatedly. The concept is as intriguing as it is futuristic, particularly because it necessitates a significant shift in the mindset regarding the product and production process. This change may not be easily accepted by some of the 'cogs' in the production department, but we are convinced that the time has come to embrace this transformation.

The idea behind the project

In the heart of the textile district of Prato, where the concept of fibre recycling has been deeply ingrained for a century and a half, an innovative idea has taken root. The people of Prato have honed their expertise in sorting, collecting, and reusing/recycling textile waste and clothing. However, despite their proficiency, certain limitations persist in the selection of reusable fibres. At present, it remains a formidable challenge, if not an impossibility, to recover certain compositions, especially blends. Thus, a novel approach was conceived, specifically applicable to knitwear products, aimed at reintegrating those materials excluded from the recycling chain, such as core-spun yarns and, as previously mentioned, blends.

What next?

The project has been in development for approximately two years, during which it conducted experiments using various types of yarn, achieving satisfactory results. Based on these outcomes, a capsule collection was created in partnership with the German brand Patafisic, exclusively utilizing the Y2Y system. This collection is presently in an experimental phase. One of its short-term objectives is to conclude the testing phase of Patafisic's garments and gather data for process refinement. This, in combination with forthcoming experiments on basic garments (scheduled to commence shortly), will assist in establishing precise parameters for the method, ultimately enabling the development of a calculation model.

In the long term, once a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8 is achieved, the project aims to establish a collaborative network comprising companies and suppliers capable of implementing the Y2Y approach and overseeing all production stages. This network will provide support, consultancy, and training services for brands and universities interested in adopting this innovative method.

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  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
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  • Textile - Fashion
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  • Circular Economy



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