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WORTH Partnership Project



The message of the project

The recent attention towards transparency in international raw material supply chains, caused in part by new and stricter regulations and fueled by a shift in consumer behavior towards more responsibly sourced and produced products, is urging producers and importers with extensive international supply chains to provide more detailed information about the origin of the sourced raw materials.

The idea behind the project

Xylene aims to close this gap by utilizing the newest European satellite technology from Galileo, the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) in connection with Blockchain, all while creating enhanced profitability for its customers. Through supply chain mapping, central companies have an overview of where suppliers are located and where materials are sourced from, allowing for decisions based on risk assessment. Furthermore, to enable product flow traceability, physical products are labeled and tracked along the supply chain from the source to the consumer. Information connected to the product via a Mobile App is passed between stakeholders using blockchain, and its authenticity is validated through satellite data. Xylene’s approach enables raw material importers and processors to take control over supply chains, comply with legislation and certifications, protect their company's brand reputation, and, furthermore, allow consumers to connect to the origin of the product at the point of sale, support sustainable projects, balance the carbon footprint, and/or recycle the raw materials present in its product at the end of its life.

What next?

ZEROBARRACENTO and Xylene are planning to implement blockchain-supported traceability in the textile value chain. ZEROBARRACENTO has extensive knowledge of textile manufacturing processes. The cooperation partners aim in the long term to expand the developed solution to include other fashion items.

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