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WORTH Partnership Project

Ryan Clott


Ryan is a seasoned entrepreneur and collaborator with a strong focus at the intersection of innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. With over 15 years of experience in the creative industries, particularly the fashion and tech sectors, Ryan is an active contributor in the startup ecosystem in both the USA and Europe.

As a 3x startup founder and a mentor for over 150 startups globally, Ryan brings a rare perspective to the table. He has collaborated with eight accelerators across Europe and has been instrumental in driving success for many founders and support organizations.  Ryan's expertise in building and supporting ventures enables him to be more effective as a bridge between founders and support organizations.

Currently serving as the COO of Folkalist, a Mentor for VentureVilla Accelerator, and a facilitator for sprints and workshops for future-focused organizations, Ryan is committed to enabling success for all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

To learn more about Ryan's work, please visit

The workshop: “Investment readiness: finding your fit” Part 1: Understanding the investment readiness, investment options and investment position


One of the biggest challenges for any project is fundraising, and it's essential to understand the investment process to avoid making costly mistakes.  Many investors have seen projects fail due to a lack of understanding of the investment process, including its different stages, mechanics, and expectations.

In Part 1 of our workshop, we focus on UNDERSTANDING. The objective is to familiarize you with the different financial instruments available and provide insight into what successful engagement looks like through each investment channel. We will also assess your project's investment readiness, using the Investment Readiness Assessment, which will help you understand your options, stage, and the 'rules of engagement' for your specific investment channel. With this knowledge, you can identify the best investment fit for your project, targeting an investment channel that allows for the greatest chance of success at your current stage.

By the end of Part 1, you should be able to match your project's investment readiness position with the most appropriate investment channel. 

The workshop: “Investment readiness: finding your fit” Part 2: Formulation of the investment roadmap: The investment fit canvas


In Part 2, we focus on ACTION — what steps can you take to achieve your investment goals.

Just as having a product or operational roadmap is critical, so too is an investment roadmap. That's why we introduce the Investment Fit Canvas in Part 2. This tool will help you identify your project's investment goals, reverse-engineer these goals, and ultimately create a roadmap for a more prepared investment approach. By understanding what investors expect and designing a strategy to make yourself a more attractive candidate for investment, you can identify concrete, actionable steps to find your investment fit.

Combining your understanding of your project's position, identifying its best investment fit, and designing an actionable roadmap for investment success will enable you to present yourself to the most suitable investment candidates. Just like dating, investment requires a match on both sides. Your best chance for success is to identify and facilitate this matchmaking, which can only happen when there is alignment on both sides.

The goal of Part 2 is to help you understand how to facilitate a better match between your project and potential investors. With this knowledge, you'll have more leverage and a greater probability of attracting the right investment fit.