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Project Manager PPV Knowledge Networks

Amaliia Iusufova

Ambassador: Amaliia Iusufova
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Amaliia Iusufova is the project manager for PPV Knowledge Networks and also the business development manager for a startup grid/furniture and lighting company owned by PPV Knowledge Networks and Hochu rayu design bureau. Grid/furniture and lighting items are designed in the form of electricity grids for those who appreciate items with character.

PPV Knowledge Networks is an economic development agency established in 2008 in Lviv (Western Ukraine). Their mission is to develop businesses that deliver high-value to the economy and create knowledge-based business networks. They develop entrepreneurs from both cultural and creative industries. They also run conferences regarding industrial design Creative Economy Days, training seminars and programmes, conduct studies of this growing sector and invest in promising start-ups. They deliver local and regional cross-sector economic development projects and collaborate with business, local authorities and international organizations with a strong focus on green economy and creative economy. They have over 50 implemented projects in their portfolio.

Amaliia has more than 5 years of experience in cultural events management, organising a large range of events.