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Luxury leatherwork designer

Assaad Awad

Steering Board Member: Assaad Awad
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Luxury leatherwork designer

Assaad Awad is a multidisciplinary artist of Spanish and Lebanese origin. With 14 years of expertise in the advertising industry, Asaad made the remarkable step of leaving the bubble and now works in his workshops between Beirut and Madrid. 

His handcrafted leather and metal pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Thierry Mugler, Balenciaga, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Teatro Real, as well as countless editorial appearances in Vogue.

Assaad’s work is known for being Artesian and Vanguardist, with a focus on the quality and execution of each piece. He designs luxury leatherworks, industrial, accessories, and jewellery.

“In a world of copy/paste, we need to go back to the Handcrafted”