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Executive Director of the Lithuanian Design Forum

Audrone Drungilaite

Ambassador: Audrone Drungilaite
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Audrone has been interested in design ever since she began to study at a local children’s art school. Even after launching a career in credit management, she couldn’t leave her love of design behind and, after studies in France, she resolved to make it her future.

Winning the Lithuanian Design Award in 2013 and being nominated for the Young Designer of the Year competition in 2014 nailed it and since 2014 she has been chief executive of the Lithuanian Design Forum (LDF). The LDF is a non-governmental organization that seeks to raise the profile of design as a factor for sustainable economic growth and as a catalyst for societal development, across manufacturing, communication and public life.

Audrone is also responsible for the management of Design Week Lithuania, the biggest design festival in the Baltics. A graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a Master’s in Cultural Management and Politics, Audrone is an enthusiastic promoter of Lithuanian design around the world – and sometimes curates Lithuanian design exhibitions abroad.