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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Slow Fix Blog, a place that change the way you perceive sustainability

Blanka Kolago-Szymczak

Ambassador: Blanka Kolago-Szymczak
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Blanka Kolago-Szymczak is a writer and activist with 10 years experience in PR for professional services; law firms, executive search and private banking, now trying to redefine what it means to live green. She covers the topics that matter in intelligent and honest way, among them sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, eco beauty, wellness, green technology.

She started Slow Fix Blog in 2016 after contributing to Business and Biodiversity Forum. Today it continues to grow, cooperating with passionate experts from around the world to cover the latest in green intelligence. She is aiming at being a force for good in the endeavor to create a better world. Recently started with a new project called Green Hotels Index promoting green tourism. The project was included into sharing solutions on UNWTO platform developed to raise awareness of sustainable tourism.

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