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International Design School and Co-organisers of Cracow Fashion Week

Cracow School of Arts and Fashion Design

Ambassador: Cracow School of Arts and Fashion Design
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Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (established in 1989) offers complementary two-year programs in English: Fashion College and School of Creative Photography. Students receive an intensive education with an individual attention to start their professional career with an amazing portfolio. Many of nearly 10 thousand of our graduates have opened their own businesses, others have found employment in companies in a diverse range of countries. Creativity and independence is our motto.

Students are surrounded by people who love what they do, who have ideas and talent, plans and passion. Photography and Fashion take determination, hard work, flexibility, and passion to succeed.

Our school is for self motivated fashion or photography enthusiasts, informed and mature enough to commit to a course that is demanding in both its breadth and depth. The school allows students to interact freely and often, encouraging an exchange of ideas and debate. The informal, lively atmosphere creates a community of working artists.

Graduates of the Fashion College receive a Diploma in Fashion Design. Graduates of the Photography School receive a Diploma in Fine Art Photography.

Cracow is a cultural capital of Poland is also one of the reasons why people choose to study with us. Numerous museums, exhibitions and international events put Cracow on the list of the most interesting cities in Europe.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is approved by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and is listed in the Ministry Art School Directory.

The School owns 2 buildings of nearly 3 thousand square meters in the historical part of the city. There are separate rooms for sewing, pattern making, jewellery, painting, 3 computer rooms as well as 2 photography studios, 2 dark rooms and others.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design also offers separate programs in Polish: interior design, visual merchandising, pattern making, acting, choreography, fashion, photography.

We organize Polish Talent Support Competition with very attractive prizes for students of Polish origin. It is opened every year for those who can participate.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design organizes in cooperation with the City of Cracow Authorities the following events: Cracow Fashion Week, International Fashion Photography Exhibition “Focus on Fashion”, Cracow Design Days.

Our Students and Graduates are from the following countries: USA, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Germany, Spain, England, Austria, Mauritius, Philippines Nigeria, Slovakia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and others.