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Creative Industries Business Coach, Adviser, and Consultant.

David Parrish

David Parrish
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David has firsthand knowledge in leading and managing creative and cultural businesses. Academic qualifications, professional accreditations, and participation in many management institutes complement his practical expertise.

Through mentoring, training, and consultancy projects, he applies his expertise and experience to help creative and cultural enterprises in becoming even more successful.

David adds value to the companies and organisations of his clients around the world by transferring brilliant ideas, effective techniques, and best practises across industries and sectors, as well as national and cultural borders. He empowers clients by helping them in adapting worldwide best practises to their specific local circumstances.

David's work is globally recognised, and he has worked with several businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organisations in over 60 nations ranging from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.

David Parrish is the author of the book 

"T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity".