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Secretary General of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine

Elizabeth Myroshnychenko

Ambassador: Elizabeth Myroshnychenko
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Elizabeth is co-founder of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine (HCU), where she now holds the position of Secretary General. She received a master’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Since joining HCU in 2009, she has been actively involved in its development, specifically in the areas of intersectoral and international collaboration and public-private dialogue in the craft and SME sectors. Apart from this, Elizabeth has been actively participating in task groups, handling problematic issues related to craft in Ukraine, where reform suggestions with regard to vocational education and SME were identified and elaborated. In her work, she had continuous professional contact with relevant central executive authorities tasked with the development of the Ukrainian craft and SME sector.

The key objectives of HCU are, amongst many others: continuous support and promotion of craft at the national and international level; reform of vocational education in Ukraine, and development of the necessary craft support infrastructure. Thanks to sustained collaboration with EU countries, in 2010 the HCU gained membership in the largest international associations for the support of crafts and SME. Between 2015 and 2017, HCU was partner to the “East-Invest-2” programme, hosting EU4Business-Week events, including workshops on various topics, such as mediation, analytics, communication, competition, clusters and cooperation, PR, export and marketing, as well as staging forums for craft and SME support under donor programmes.

HCU is currently working on promoting craft trades as an independent sector and on embedding craft in the triangle of education institutions, businesses, and employment services. HCU is also about to launch “craftpoint”, a project implemented as a sales platform for craft goods, available both in Ukraine and in the EU.

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