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CEO of Creative Estonia

Eva Leemet

Ambassador: Eva Leemet
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Eva Leemet is the CEO of Creative Estonia, promoting creative entrepreneurship in all fields of creative economy in Estonia. Eva has a MBA and she is a qualified consultant in creative entrepreneurship. Taken part in Creative Industries sector development since 2007, she is globally making contacts and gathering experience across the sector to help creative businesses grow and find export channels.

Creative Estonia (CE) is creative industries development centre, which helps to promote and develop creative industries and creative businesses in Estonia and in EU.

The programme was established in 2009 and since 2010 working as NGO. Creative Estonia aim is to:

  • Clearly present the content, unique characteristics, economic, social and regional value of creative industries.
  • Create a platform for the discussion of creative industry problems and solutions at the highest level.
  • Support starting and established creative businesses that need information and advice.
  • Develop an attitude that creates a positive image of business and to increase the business and export ability of creative businesses.

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