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FASHIONCLASH is a Maastricht (Netherlands) based innovative and interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a worldwide network of emerging designers and artists.

FASHIONCLASH has developed a worldwide network of designers, artists, partners and experts to enable the realisation of visually dynamic fashion concepts and tailor-made events. The portfolio includes more than 300 projects including fashion shows, exhibitions, performances, interdisciplinary projects, fashion talks and events.

With ten years’ experience in fashion project management, creative concept development and curating, an innovative vision and an international network, FASHIONCLASH has gained a powerful position in the fashion world. One of the main projects is the successful annual manifestation ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’ where designers from all over the world gather to show their work and where the avant-garde fashion is celebrated.

Driving forces and artistic leaders behind FASHIONCLASH are Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper.