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President of Hungary's Creative Industries Cluster

Janos Keresnyei

Janos Keresnyei
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Janos Keresnyei was born in Pécs, Hungary, and has a diverse educational background that includes teaching, journalism, PR economics, TV and film production, film commissioning, intellectual property management, and economics (MBA, MSc).

He is presently the intangible asset auditor of their consulting company, Kerko Média Kft, after 25 years of media management in local TV and radio stations. He co-founded the Creative Industries Cluster in Hungary and currently serves as its president.

Janos has extensive knowledge of intellectual assets and intangible wealth management, including technology evaluation, due diligence of innovation, risk analysis, intellectual asset identification and valuation, value proposition, business model development, lean-startup, seed management, and knowledge and technology transfer. Janos is also a coach in many EASME, EIT, and EIC programmes and is recognised as a specialist in intellectual asset management. He works as a creative sector consultant at the Pécs Municipal Art Council in Hungary.