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Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Innovation Manager

Koen Snoeckx

Koen Snoeckx
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Operating as a freelance entrepreneur since 2016, Koen Snoeckx calls himself Collision Maker: facilitating impactful interactions between specialists from various realms of expertise. At this moment, he acts as a part-time innovation manager in Geel (B), activating the local ecosystem and increasing the attractiveness for additional stakeholders to establish themselves. Also, as owner/director of Arteconomy, he offers lectures and workshops to stimulate the uptake of artistic practices in companies and non-cultural organizations. It is Arteconomy’s vision that this is essential to staying relevant and resilient in contexts of sustainability and uncertainty. As part of his pro-deo activity, Koen is the founder and member of the creative hub Moktamee in his hometown of Herentals (B). Moktamee offers over 30 artists, makers and entrepreneurs studios and workplaces to create and interact.

Graduated with a Master in Biochemistry, with a post-Master in Journalism, and a teacher’s degree, Koen worked the majority of his career in the communications departments of high-tech research centers. First at IMEC in Leuven (B), later at the Holst Center in Eindhoven (NL), where - as a member of the MT - he headed the communications department. Between 2014 and 2017, Koen was Director of Baltan Laboratories (a cultural laboratory in Eindhoven), co-founder of Creative Lab Brainport (a collaboration initiative between SMEs and educational institutes), Chairman-Director of Creative Ring (international non-for-profit for creative ecosystems), and founder of the local branch of Creative Ring Eindhoven. He was also involved in a cultural startup and an award-winning restaurant business.