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WORTH Partnership Project
Online marketplace aggregating Cluj based manufacturers

Made in Cluj

Made in Cluj
WORTH Community


“Made in Cluj” was born out of the necessity to support Cluj county (Romania) local small manufacturers to better reach new customers. Through, an online marketplace aggregating Cluj based manufacturers, innovative technology and service providers, the initiative is creating both short supply chains for the benefit of the local economy, and also opening new national and international markets for the local manufacturers. is emerging as a catalyst for local manufacturers, innovative technology and service providers with growth potential in the local economic sector, increasing the resilience and sustainability of the local economy and creating innovation.

In the long term, the purpose of the platform is to change the behaviour of customers, making them more aware of the benefit of buying from local manufacturers, help the manufacturers in the process of developing new products and support them in gaining access to new markets, through innovation and collaboration. As a regional brand, “Made in Cluj” will also help create a product identity that attracts consumers and stands for quality.