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Innovative thinking, colour and fashion design

Margaret Larmuth

Mentor: Margaret Larmuth
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Innovative thinking, colour and fashion design

Margaret Larmuth has over 18 years’ experience in colour design, interior design, fashion and art. Her retail design work entailed developing designs for huge retail projects across several countries based on the client's brand DNA. She has extensive expertise managing many projects at the same time, giving direction for the development of visual merchandising concepts and their implementation. On several projects, she has also "talent spotted" and developed creative talent (artists, textile designers, furniture designers, etc.).

Today Margaret teaches at the Cracow School of Fashion and Design in Poland and has previously spoken at the Business and Technical University in Chongquin, China. Her lectures cover topics such as innovative thinking and disruption, colour design in fashion, personal branding, visual merchandising concepts, and global fashion trends. She is writing a book on creativity and interviewing top creatives to learn about their creative thought processes.

#fashion #creativity #interiordesign