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Co-Founder of the Fashion Tech Farm

Marina Toeters

Marina Toeters
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Marina Toeters works at the forefront of technology and fashion design. Her company,, encourages collaboration between the fashion industry and technology innovators in order to create a relevant fashion system and supporting clothes for everyday use. She advises Philips Research, Holst Centre, fashion designers, and others on product development through prototyping and a research through design approach. She develops thoughts and designs to show the world what fashion could be. Her goal is to make fashion more innovative by incorporating wearable technology, new materials, and unique manufacturing processes into the current fashion system.

She works for the fashion department at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and the industrial design faculty at Eindhoven University of Technology as a teacher, coach, and researcher. Marina edited the book Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures in 2019 and founded the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, a studio, incubator, and small-scale production facility for innovative fashion.