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Business developer, Coordinator of ACTE and Founder of the Creative Cluster Innovation Hub Väst

Nelly Hayek

Ambassador: Nelly Hayek
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Nelly is a business developer based in the City of Borås, Sweden. Coordinator of the European Textile Collectivities Association (ACTE) and Founder of the Creative Cluster Innovation Hub Väst.

Founded in 1991, ACTE is a network of around 30 municipalities around Europe, representing a population of about 2.000.000 inhabitants. Cities and territories associated have in common a model of business development related to the textile and fashion sectors. The network also counts on membership by institutions related to the textile industry in 10 countries across Europe.

ACTE’s mission is to carry the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear, and fashion accessories industries into the future, while preserving the interests of its members – both territorial collectivities and adherent organisations.

Creative Cluster is a forum where people from the creative and cultural industries meet and discuss new forms of collaboration. She represented the Borås Stad Business Development Unit. The work started 2012 with the first goal to formalise this forum in creating an association 2014. Now creative cluster is a successful association with more than 70 partners and members.