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Paulo Gonçalves

Steering Board Member: Paulo Gonçalves
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Paulo Gonçalves is the Editor-in-Chief of the Portuguese luxury fashion magazine Soul and the Director of Communication at APICCAPS (Portuguese Footwear Association).

Since 1998, when he joined this ever-changing sector, he has contributed to the expansion of the Portuguese footwear business.

His passion as a journalist has led to the Portuguese Soul magazine being disseminated and in demand in about a hundred countries globally. Because of his vision, the world is becoming more aware of Portugal's efforts to develop national talent, whether in fashion, culture, or, more broadly, the "portugalidade" (as he calls it).

Paulo is also a fashion and communication consultant, with European and worldwide branding projects in his portfolio. He shares his expertise with businesses outside of the footwear sector.

Recently, Paulo was the speaker for the announcement that the Portuguese footwear industry will invest 140 million Euros in sustainability over the next three years, establishing his country's sector as the leading international reference for the growth of the future industry. In this context, Paulo positions himself not just as a fashion expert, but also as an expert in internationalisation, information, technology, innovation, and design.