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CEO Formconcrete Ltd Design Agency

Raija Siikamaki

Raija Siikamaki
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Raija Siikamäki's work combines design and business thinking. She is the CEO of Formconcrete Ltd., a startup founded on Finnish design innovation. Her previous employers include Fiskars Group, where she served as Global Product Manager and Product Development Manager, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, now Aalto University, where she worked as a research project lead as well as a lecturer, supervisor, and evaluator.She earned her doctorate in 2006 from the University of Art and Design with a dissertation on product lifecycle management and product development processes using recycled materials, and her MBA in 2007 from Kingston University London with a thesis researching strategies of UK design companies committed to sustainability. Raija has large experience in implementing life cycle analysis (LCA) across a broad range of industries and processes, including lifestyle industries, and has experience in work plans that lead to decreasing the carbon footprint of the industries at both a strategic and operational level.