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WORTH Partnership Project
President and co-founder of first Fablab in Croatia

Roberto Vdović

Ambassador: Roberto Vdović
WORTH Community


Roberto Vdović is an architect, educator, scientist, entrepreneur and president of FabLab in Zagreb, Croatia. Fablab aims to develop digital fabrication for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, including digital craftmanship in fields of creative industries. Roberto has an extensive experience in 3D printing as he is a pioneer in the implementation of desktop 3D printing in Croatia.

His range of activities and experiences covers education challenges and local community engagement through the implementation of new digital technologies merged with traditional techniques, craftmanship methodologies, and skills. Roberto is actively involved in both national and international networks of innovators and creatives, which leads him to build meaningful connections across Europe and particularly in the Balkan countries through his participation in several EU-funded initiatives including VULCA Initiative. As a teacher at Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb, he is teaching students of architectural, urban and industrial design, 3D modeling, visualization and digital technologies

As part of FabLab activities, Roberto defined creative digital technology content for several national science and arts annual events and other local community events. Recently, as a local community representative, he is engaging different sectors of the City of Zagreb through the Fab City Global Initiative which offers a new urban model for locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities.

His mission is to bring new added value to crucial sectors of society such as education, local community, and entrepreneurship through the use of disruptive technologies by connecting people to foster creativity and innovation.