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BIOS Organization (artistic director) - European Creative Hubs Network (president)

Vassilis Charalampidis

Ambassador: Vassilis Charalampidis
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Vassilis Haralambidis, is a founding member and the artistic director of BIOS, a cultural organization for today s art, urban life and the creative industries. Romantso, a creative hub in the center of Athens and the first structure to support cultural and creative businesses and professionals in Greece, is also an initiative of BIOS.

Since the foundation of BIOS in 2001, Vassilis Haralambidis has been curating numerous events and performances about urban culture, cross media and various expressions of contemporary artistic creativity.

Additionally, as a graphic designer, he has received numerous Greek and European awards and distinctions.

He is also a founding member and president of the board, of the first European Creative Hubs Network, along with partners from all over Europe and over 300 members in 36 different countries. ECHN is a network that has been created to connect the creative professionals and empower the cultural and creative industries, as well as to shape equivalent strategies at a national and European level.

Vassilis Haralambidis has also been keynote speaker at conferences and events that take place around Europe concerning culture, creativity and the life in the city.

He is evaluator of European Programs in the field of culture and creative industries for the European Commission. He participated in the consultation on the shaping of the new European agenda for culture, as well as in various meetings on the process of creating new European Commission programs focusing on cultural and creative industries, innovation and social cohesion.

He is devoted to highlight the importance of culture and today s creative practice in shaping society and the modern way of life; to promote the interdisciplinarity and the unexpected intersection between art and science giving rise to new ways of thinking about our world and the ways we interact with it and creating accessibility platforms to the various forms of expression for all.