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WORTH Partnership Project


Worth Projects

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WORTH Partnership Project II is funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union. It creates and supports transnational collaborations between designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs), crafters/makers and technology firms looking to develop design-driven and innovative products.
WORTH Partnership Project II is the second edition of the programme, which ran from 2017 to 2021.

In its first edition, 152 transnational partnerships were selected between 2017-2020, involving 349 partners from 34 EU-COSME countries

Worth Benefits

The selected projects will benefit from an incubator programme valued at €60,000 consisting of:

  • Media kit including: international media relation activity, advertising and social media marketing
  • € 10.000 to € 20.000 funding
  • Participation in two international events related to design to showcase the products developed
  • A tailor-made mentoring programme
  • Training
  • Cross-sector collaboration and participation in networking events
  • Professional links
  • Visibility of their professional profile on the WORTH gallery

Worth Statistics

152 selected projects involving 349 partners from 34 countries shown on a map in the colour blue.
25 selected projects involving 55 partners from 19 countries shown on a map in the colour red.
63 selected projects involving 144 partners from 24 countries shown on a map in the colour yellow.
64 selected projects involving 147 partners from 30 countries shown on a map in the colour green.

Worth Community

WORTH is about creating a relevant community throughout Europe whose members share vision and values around design and innovation.

Be part of the new WORTH community.

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Mentor: Silvia Zancarli

Experts supporting the partnerships to successfully implement the selected projects through the acquisition of technical and business knowledge, skills and capacities.

Steering Board Member: Assaad Awad

Experts in charge of carrying out transparent evaluations of the proposals, providing insightful feedback and advice.

Ambassador: Eva Leemet

Relevant professionals and institutions around Europe committed to promoting the shared vision and design values of WORTH.