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Sales and Marketing Specialist

Dries Van Ackerbroeck

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Dries Van Ackerbroeck is a seasoned sales and marketing specialist with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. Throughout his journey, he has held numerous sales management positions both domestically and internationally within the B2B industry. His extensive experience in the field has equipped him with valuable insights and expertise in sales and marketing.

As a certified coach, Dries has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in leadership training, driving transformation processes, and providing effective sales coaching. His impressive track record reflects his ability to empower individuals and teams to achieve their fullest potential.

Furthermore, Dries is the visionary founder of a sales consultancy firm that offers comprehensive support to companies in optimizing their sales activities. His firm specializes in staffing highly capable sales professionals, implementing lead management programs, and delivering tailor-made sales training and coaching to industry professionals.

Dries Van Ackerbroeck's commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing sales capabilities make him a sought-after expert in the field, delivering tangible results and driving success for the organizations and individuals he collaborates with.