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WORTH Partnership Project
News article26 March 2019European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency4 min read



We are highly anticipating Milan Design week at during the Superstudio Più’s SuperDesign Show 2019 as the 1st call winning partners will be exhibiting their completed projects for the very first time. 

Each project is amazingly unique and the WORTH booth at the Superstudio show will demonstrate how you can make your creative concept into a reality through the projects benefits. Get to know the 1st call winners and their projects below:

Vulpés Electronics GMBH + Mobel Sport S.L.
Germany & Spain
Smart heated vest creates an individual micro climate and keeps the most sensitive body areas warm regardless of the weather.

Elisa Palomino + Atlantic Leather + Campomaggi
UK, Iceland & Italy
FISHSKINLAB by Elisa Palomino.
A fish skin clutch collection using ocean food waste while preserving the planet’s natural resources.

Adbuse + Geoband + Castellari
Spain, Spain & Italy
EDBORA COLLECTION // Luxury bags where merge Avant-guard design, tradition and technology

Gozone + Vuples
Greece & Germany
Smart life jacket for watersports (sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing), real-time localization reducing rescue procedure 90%, heating system reducing hypothermic symptoms

Skarabeos + Stretchable Circuits
Austria & Germany
Development of a backpack with built-in alarm connected to an app that increases security in our daily lives.

WeMake + Ejtech
Italy & Hungary
From smart textiles to personalised design. Paramatrix is a b2b service using unique customer data collected from textile matrix to customise parametric design objects that can be produced in the store and on demand with digital fabrications tools.

A+Z Design by Geneviève Levivier + Studio Bas Froon
Belgium & The Netherlands
Sustainable acoustic panels: high end handcraft meets digital manufacturing technology

Esther Perbandt + Fab Lab BCN
Germany & Spain
ESTHER HATES PVC. 3d molded leather, blending craftmanship with digital fabricaction

Pepper Vally + Blautic
Greece & Spain
Our Feel more Knitwear is a contemporary active-wear sweater with integrated knitted sensors of biometric data, able to decode in physical and emotional health evaluation in Sportsfashion, Health and Wellness applications.

Elisabeth Jayot + Wemake
Seamless modular clothing, digitally crafted, locally & on-demand produced, which you can transform in a quick and easy way.

ACDL (Laure Wolff & Jean-Baptiste Ferrato) + La Manuelita
France and Italy
ACDL Artisan Chausseur Design Lab | ACDL.1 | Customisable ankle boot NEON

Heelena + Jorida Papa
Germany & United Kingdom
Heelena Foldable High Heels. High Heels that can be changed to flat shoes in seconds, as a design basis for future shoes.

Coco&Rico + Al Revés Società Cooperativa Sociale
France & Italy
TWILL – Transform Your Workshop In Learning Line. Innovative workspace, based on the circular design of the production area that allows small workshops to increase productivity, while maintaining a teamwork dynamic.

ID Labs + Eni Jewellery + Estradi
Netherlands, United Kingdom and Moldova
Fashionable Wearable Camera Accesory. Design and creation of camera housings as fashion accessories for cameras used by the blind or visually-impaired.

Jessica Smarsch + Raymond Van Ee (Leuven University) + Job Nijenhuis (Vention Technologies)
The Netherlands & Belgium
CONNEXTYLE. The Connextyle sensor shirt is used with the Constructing Connectivity stroke rehabilitation method. Patients perform exercises and create audio and visual patterns through body movement. This multi-sensory stimulation system is more effective at creating new neural pathways, helping patients to relearn how to use the body.

Madesign & Iaac FablabBCN
Bulgaria & Spain
DYNABACK. Control of back pain by monitoring the curvature of the spine in static and dynamic positions.

Llanos Doménech + Dries Bovijn
Spain and Belgium
BLOOM & TERRA. Vertical gardens that allow users to grow their own plants at home while acting as a decorative element due to its innovative components.

Maurin Donneaud & Kobakant
France & Germany
LULU V2. Design of LED connections between an electrical circuit and optical fibers, as a solution for designers and manufacturers of electronic textiles.

NRGSYS + SYNRG Software & It Solutions
Italy & North Macedonia
HIMAERO “THE EMOTIONAL JEWEL” Innovative necklace that incorporates color-changing technology depending on user-defined factors, or by the jewel itself that recognizes the emotions and moods of the wearer.

Paolo De Jesus (Clever3d+Studio) + Ironworks UK.
Germany, Portugal & United Kingdom
‘Margarete’ – Cork Task Chair – Named after Margerete Klöber, this task chair is a post century modern homage to the designer of the original ‘ergonomic’ chair.

Sladana Mladenovic + Yaskravo LLC Sinmo AR
Slovenia and Ukraine
UNLIMITTED IN 1. Development of a virtual tester for designer garments using a mobile app that allows the users to buy clothes online in an innovative way.

Kristi Kuusk (Spell) + Kerstin Zabransky + Anne Kuusk /Pambu
Estonia & the Netherlands
Spellbound creates magically adapting clothing for happy children by saving the environment.

Motoreta + Fili Pari
Spain & Italy
Family Wear Nature is a capsule collection designed by Motoreta born to connect humans with nature through the use of an innovative material made with marble stone called Marbletek.

WAAG Society + Roumena + Primlab
The Netherlands & Spain
WEAR PURE. An environmentally-respectful garment, manufactured by combining textiles and 3D printed elements with properties capable of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Angela Ciobanu + Innovarty
Romania & Spain
HOLLOW: A LIE STORY. Contemporary jewellery made from recycled and innovative nonwoven materials with others such as gold, silver, tissue paper and coal.


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26 March 2019
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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