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Nyhetsartikel8 mars 2021Genomförandeorganet för Europeiska innovationsrådet samt för små och medelstora företag



If you are a furniture designer you will surely know the iconic armchair in the shape of a face designed by Fabio Novembre, one of the most transgressive designers of the last decade. It’s Nemo by Driade, that recently turned back in the timelight after being featured in the hit Netflix serie “Lupin”.

This armchair, which last year celebrated 10 years since its creation, depicts a face with classical features carved out to create a living space. It is certainly one of the best known furniture pieces of the latest decade and is appreciated for its theatrical design that has a strong reference to Greek culture. Nemo can be displayed as a piece of art inside or outside and can become the perfect hiding place, as its eyes allows to see without being seen.

Recently the armchair has also been declined in 5 skin tone soft touch colours with the goal of promoting inclusiveness and equality, underlining the importance of the commitment against racial discrimination. We are sure it will continue to amaze the next generations of designers!

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