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WORTH Partnership Project
Nyhetsartikel28 juni 2018Genomförandeorganet för Europeiska innovationsrådet samt för små och medelstora företag



WORTH is all about the future, this can be seen through our amazing first call winners who have all displayed various concepts that aim to not only revolutionise the industry in which they practice, but also to advance society.

Partnership Projects that are currently being developed are concepts that society never thought could be realized outside of a science fiction film. Innovation, technology, design and a group of entrepreneurs that wish to challenge the limitations of what is considered possible or impossible is what will drive society into the future.

We have noticed a trend in the design industry which is creatives wanting to push advancements in technology in order to realise products that require equipment that currently does not exist. We looked further into this and picked up on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence and its incredible advancements within the past few years, and how that in turn will affect what is, and will be produced by the design and technology industry.

Today manufacturing is paired with a merge of traditional manual labour and industrial robots that can seemingly mimic the abilities of humans. The advancements in Artificial Intelligence have come as far as robots being able to perform microscopically precise assembly therefore superseding the skills of humans. Artificial Intelligence systems are on a rise as technological advances reduce the cost of the machinery and enables it to become more readily available.

The wider use of these systems will be able to tend to the consumer demand of unique and custom-made products that are not feasible if painstakingly produced using manual labour. What the WORTH Partnership Project first call winners have shown through their proposals is the necessity to respect traditional forms of manufacturing, such as artisanal methods and blending them with innovative technology to establish a concept that is practical and will be sustainable for a prolonged period of time. This will ensure the future of our industry, and answer the concerns regarding sustainability and consumer demands.

Image: – 6 Axis Robotic Arm- Brand: Kuka Robots

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