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WORTH Partnership Project
News article3 February 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read



WORTH supports Zero Waste and Cradle to Cradle based Projects to keep changing the world…

The Hemp Chair:

The Hemp Chair combines two very innovative materials and processes. Krown grows the chair from hemp and mycelium, and la Gadoue produces unique handmade textiles from hemp and natural rubber. The textile cover will be applied to the chair to bring comfort and make it long-lasting. By using these local natural materials and new technics they create a model of production with a reduced environmental impact.

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The New Relation Bag:

Confronted with the problem of plastic pollution at seaside, New Relation got triggered by the irony that our waste is being sent back to us by the waves. The sea became the metaphor of the circularity of ecosystems we live in, revealing the absurdity to think that we can get rid of something or don’t have to deal with something once it’s out of sight.

New Relation wants to challenge the concept of waste by reconsidering the afterlife of a product. They propose an entirely recycled and recyclable high-end designer bag made of repurposed ghost fishing nets and regenerated nylon fabric.

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The project FISH_FISH is a circular driven project developing non-binary gender shoes made of recycled fishing nets, bio-based algae material and fish skin recovered from the food industry.

The aim of this project is to increase the awareness of using raw innovative materials in a sustainable way. All employed materials are certified.

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3 February 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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