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WORTH Partnership Project

ACT - Arthritis Curved Tableware

ACT is a set of flexible cutlery dedicated for people suffering from arthritis or other permanent or temporary hand mobility challenges.

ACT - Arthritis Curved Tableware

The message of the project

The project conveys a message of hope and innovation, aimed at improving the lives of over 500 million individuals facing hand mobility challenges due to medical conditions. ACT, or Arthritis Curved Tableware, offers flexible cutlery adaptable to varying disease types and stages. The variable handle geometry enables users to reshape it as needed, particularly as their conditions evolve.

Initially designed for arthritis sufferers, ACT's versatility became evident during testing, as it proved useful for various mobility challenges, children seeking enjoyable mealtimes, and adults with plate-sharing intentions.

The idea behind the project

ACT represents the result of two years of in-depth research, consultations with medical professionals and patients, and a deep understanding of the disease. The design tackles the diverse hand shapes of users and the changing needs resulting from evolving diseases. Inspired by flexible curlers, the cutlery's key features were developed. An extensive prototyping and testing phase, guided by beneficiary feedback, led to the creation of the 5th prototype, which serves as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

What next?

The partnership with HARATECH aims to transition ACT from a handmade product to mass production, ensuring certification and improving accessibility. This step holds significant importance for business growth and will enable the product to reach a broader customer base through various distribution channels.

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