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WORTH Partnership Project


A sustainable children's nightwear adaptive garment that can grow with the child


The project

A sustainable children’s nightwear adaptive garment that can grow with the child.

Childrenswear is one of the fastest growing apparel segments worldwide. In Europe, kids represent 18.7% of the population, Millennial parents invest more money on their kids’ looks than previous generations, and according to how fast kids grow, the demand for clothing is unsustainable, resulting in an environmental problem created by the waste and pollution produced and also the increasing demand of resources for production.

A collection of unisex, timeless and adaptable children’s nightwear and homeware that will turn this unsustainable process into a sustainable one. Creating a universe far away from the idea of fast fashion. The use of recycled fabrics and eco-friendly printing processes are also taken into consideration. Within the project a pattern cut will be developed that can be adapted to the child’s growth. Materials and processes will also be adapted to find alternatives to conventional approaches, which are heavily contaminating.



After getting in touch via the WORTH platform, in July 2019, Júlia Ferrer Soler, a young textile graphic designer from Barcelona, decides to travel to Istanbul to meet in person Arzu Oran, an experienced textile producer. Both Mediterranean and working in the textile business, they were so different yet have the same purpose: make things different in the industry. The aim of changing the way we produce, supply and consume to make it in a sustainable way, collided with the idea of the kids being the seeds of the future. All of this combined created a gender-neutral brand of pyjamas for kids that can be sustainably made, durable and have an educational background. Winning the WORTH project made this idea possible.

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Our project is aiming to make a move towards slow-fashion, creating a garment that can grow with the child and be more durable, it will make it more sustainable. Our patterns are thought to be as zero-waste as possible and with our sizing and fitting system, the same size can be adapted to a lot of different body types and heights. Also being gender-neutral means that we only have one line, so the waste decreases as well in this aspect. Making small productions using recycled fabrics and eco-friendly techniques in printing that also saves water, we reduce the impact on the environment. So we solve two problems, the waste of the textile industry in production and the waste of the final consumer especially due to kids’ growth.

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As we had two different profiles in the industry we used it in our favour to make the creative process as optimal as possible. So each of us focused on one aspect of the creation. We refined the idea together creating the styles, garment pattern shapes and concept of the collection. Then on one hand Arzu was in charge of the production process, collecting the fabrics, pattern cut and measurements, sample making, printing process, monitoring each step, etc. On the other hand there was Júlia, in charge of the print design, branding creation and also the realization and edition of any audiovisual content. As we already work in textiles and clothing business, the realisation parts were not very difficult, as each of us was focused on what we excel. That made everything run smoothly, and when small problems were on the way we managed them easily and in coordination.

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 Our collaboration was very exciting because we have very different backgrounds. Our cultures are different yet so similar and so it is our age and experiences. Two different people, two different countries, two different extremes of the Mediterranean geography, two different generations. Arzu and Júlia, Turkey and Spain, East and West, X and Millennial generations. All of this combined made us have a huge richness and different points of view that after every debate for a decision, create a new outcome much more powerful than before.

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The future of Beaggie we see them as being part of the change the world is demanding. Releasing our first collection in September 2021, we want to create a precedent in slow-fashion, having conscious sales in Europe and the rest of the world. We also believe that creating a circular economy around the brand could be useful for us in order to reinvest the money of our profits in making the circle start again. This involves the economy of two different countries in the COSME region but also impacts on the way our customers will see and consume from now on. To achieve these objectives, how we invest our efforts in marketing and advertising will be essential to make the brand work. To do that we will use social media, specially Instagram, the main network for Gen Z & Millennial parents. There we will redirect them to our e-commerce platform. We will also use the partnership with eco-friendly platforms and showrooms to showcase our products online and offline.

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 Climate change is a big issue of our planet that is in our hands to revert, and also the pandemic situation we lived in 2020 affirmed that even more, that we have to rethink how we used to live before. Earth is making her call. Let’s change the way we eat, the way we live, how we behave to nature and the way we produce, supply, demand and consume. As part of the industry, we are responsible for finding new ways of moving to slow fashion. WORTH project also brings us together. Collaboration will be the key to success in this new era. As no problem is too big if we knit a strong network of people who want to make a difference. All of this just makes it more obvious that we have to be less individual and more collective in all parts of our lives to make a fairer world.

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Produces woven and knitted products for children, exporting mainly to the European Union for more than 30 years.

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Just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona, it rises Sunsmith, a print design studio specialised in textiles. They specialise in creating original collections for kids, home and womenswear, working both in digital and hand-drawn media. The team of Sunsmith is led by Júlia Ferrer Soler, a young print designer who is the soul of the studio but also one in charge about everything always looks nice and ready.

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