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WORTH Partnership Project


Phased, a groundbreaking accessory collection, uses beer brewing waste, particularly Beer Leather, for sustainability in EU and global markets.


The message of the project

The project endeavors to demonstrate how cutting-edge materials can drive innovative product development while preserving traditional crafts in a circular fashion. In an era of industrialization and mass production, the design focus shifted towards functional forms, complex assemblies, cost efficiency, and global scalability, often neglecting the use of sustainable materials.

Contrary to synthetic materials that prioritize product geometry and performance at the expense of the environment, Nature shapes form and function gently using scarce resources. Following Nature's principles, this project explores how waste-derived and bio-based materials like Beer Leather can guide form generation. The team aims to integrate insights from design experiments into the final product through collaboration with craft leather ateliers.

This exploration promises better-designed products, novel approaches to regenerative materials, and the resilience of local craftsmanship.

The idea behind the project

Phased draws inspiration and wisdom from nature, where flows of energy, life, and matter follow cyclical laws and rules. In their project, Phased aligns with the notion of perpetual circularity and the absence of waste in nature. Just as nutrients circulate within symbiotic systems, Phased's creations, born from waste, adhere to the same principles from inception to end of life.

What next?

The project envisions the creation of a hyper-localized, self-sustainable industrial symbiosis closely integrated with the local ecosystem, including various human and non-human communities. The ultimate goal is to develop a fully-fledged product portfolio for commercialization. Once launched, products will be produced on-demand, reducing deadstock and encouraging responsible consumption habits, promoting planned shopping over impulsive buying.

The project intends to scale the production of beer leather by integrating it modularly into existing breweries worldwide. This expansion will lead to a broader Phased product range, marked by collaborations with local creative practices and crafts. These collaborations will reflect local culture and ensure the preservation and future resilience of traditional skills and practices.

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Silvia Soler Gonzalez


Nanna Guldbaek Nielsen


Oksana Bondar

United Kingdom