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WORTH Partnership Project

Community Couture: Narrate | Software and Application

Providing a narrative solution to help buyers understand the worth of their purchases


The message of the project

They aspire to be able to give objects meaning, transparency, and emotional significance without using labels. Their innovative storytelling technique has the ability to strengthen product relationships and hence boost product lifespan. They strive to raise the value of items by improving knowledge of their value via storytelling, and hence keep them out of landfills for as long as feasible.

The idea behind the project

To reduce the global fashion industry's environmental impact, consumers are being urged to understand more about their garments and use them for longer periods of time. The history of a piece of clothing might affect its value and durability. They saw the need for easily accessible instructional software that communicated the tales underlying items. They decided to create an app prototype that combines aesthetic elements on clothing with their stories without the need of labels.

The partners behind “Narrate” are currently experimenting, driven by their common vision and principles. They are collaborating with their mentor to develop a solid market proposition and tailor their idea to the demands of their target audience. They are developing fresh entrepreneurial inventiveness. Aniela, the researcher, designer, and craft worker, has a strong working connection with Joasia, a visual communication specialist. The Hikikomori team combines unrivalled expertise in technology and user engagement.


What next?

The goal is to give a narrative solution to help customers grasp the value of their purchases. Nonetheless, they are highly open to being inspired by their mentor in order to pivot and alter the medium through which they will attain their objective. This might suggest that unexpected creative shifts are on the way.

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Aniela Fidler-Wieruszewska

United Kingdom

Joanna Fidler-Wieruszewska


Hikikomori - Mika Cimolini