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WORTH Partnership Project

C/OVER - the heritage project

Through exploration and research, C/OVER examines ways to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern 3D knitting machines, culminating in a collection of unisex sweaters.

The message of the project

C/OVER is focused on traditional knitting patterns from Central Europe, appreciating their optical aesthetics and cultural significance. In collaboration with MaTexLine, an expert in Shima Seiki knitting technology, the project aims to develop a series of sweaters using the wholegarment technique to produce zero-waste clothing.

The idea behind the project

In the past, unique knitting patterns were blended to allow wearers to craft individualized pieces, with each pattern combination expressing their individuality. Today, innovative knitting machines enable the emulation of this process, resulting in unique and modular sweaters.

This special project, which marries the heritage of these beautiful knitting patterns with contemporary aesthetics, is an integral part of C/OVER's overarching vision to become an authority in knitting and knitting technologies.

What next?

With capsule collections new ways of constructing knitwear are being demonstrated. Limited editions of the developed projects will be available for sale to educate the customer on the specific topic of state-of-the-art knitting and knitwear.

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WORTH Partnership Projects II
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Textile - Fashion
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Reinventing craftsmanship



C/OVER-Christine Overbeck


MaTex – Ladislav Matuska