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WORTH Partnership Project


For online home décor buyers who struggle to find the best product that fits their home, Dressmycrib enables you to preview any product in your room so you can see how it sits before buying it.


The message of the project

The Dressmycrib marketplace contains all products in Augmented Reality, enabling users to choose furnishings more conveniently and reduce returns, directly impacting pollution reduction. With the support of the WORTH II program, Dressmycrib aims to enhance the process of selecting the best Home Décor items by implementing the 'Virtual Designer Assistant,' which will automatically provide interior product color recommendations based on the customer's provided room images.

The idea behind the project

On average, customers return 30% of their online furnishing purchases and 9% of items bought from physical shops. The return process is complicated and expensive for both the shop owner and the customer. Let’s not forget the pollution! Dressmycrib solves this problem by virtually empowering users to see any interior product at their home. Combined with "Virtual Designer Assistant," it becomes the unique solution for choosing interior products online. 

What next?

Dressmycrib is on a mission to make the process of buying Home Décor items online more convenient. We believe that modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality should be simplified so users can use them to buy Home Décor items more quickly. By adapting AI&AR to the Home Décor online sales, Dressmycrib aims to become the #1 place to choose home décor items worldwide.

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Nikolett Katalin Papp