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WORTH Partnership Project


Rethinking the fashion design and production system for a made-to-order future.


The message of the project

Addressing the need to drive change in an industry that desperately requires redefinition, Savvas Alexander is committed to rethinking established systems within fashion by designing closer to the heart of manufacturing. The project aims to work with state-of-the-art machinery to localize fashion production closer to the customer, increasing the speed of made-to-order clothing production to reduce both fashion waste and carbon emissions.

The design aesthetic is defined by a commitment to elegant, modernist principles that stand the test of time. It embraces a minimalist, reductionist approach that emphasizes clean lines and precision engineering, with a focus on machined details and seamlessly crafted clothing that showcases technical expertise.

The idea behind the project

While pursuing his Master's degree in Fashion at the Royal College of Art, Savvas Alexander was eager to explore ways to address the significant waste problem within the fashion industry. After undertaking several projects aimed at reimagining future fashion systems, a decision was made to focus on the early stages of the fashion cycle, combined with an interest in product design and technical clothing.

The introduction of the Knitwear Lab into the process will further enhance digital tooling and computer-aided manufacturing for the processes already under development. The Knitwear Lab offers valuable experience and expertise in creating zero-waste clothing, with a wide selection of readily available materials. This project will bring together various machines and techniques

What next?

The project encompasses the development of both manufacturing infrastructure and the establishment of a fashion brand. The long-term vision involves creating a network of micro-factories that facilitate design innovation and made-to-order fulfillment, fostering ongoing exploration of process and machine development.

From a fashion perspective, the brand's objective is to showcase products on an iterative, season-less basis through multiple annual presentations in key locations.

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Savvas Alexander

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