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WORTH Partnership Project

Insects 3D

This project combines shellac, a sustainable material, with 3D printing to reintroduce it to the furniture and design market, as a customizable and aesthetically appealing material

Insects 3D

Key Message

The project aims to reintroduce shellac, a sustainable and eco-friendly material, into the furniture and interior design market. By leveraging 3D printing technology alongside the unique properties of shellac, it is developing a market-ready material offering both customizability and aesthetic appeal. Supported by the WORTH Partnership, the project will further enhance and optimize this material, establish a transnational research initiative, and utilize Aeditto's platform for commercialization.

The Idea Behind the Project

Driven by the imperative for more sustainable production and consumption practices, the project centres on the circular economy and the shift towards greener materials. Recognizing shellac's potential as a forgotten yet viable alternative to plastics, the project aims to revolutionize the furniture and interior design sectors through its adaptation for 3D printing. Collaboration between Ori, Ginger Additive, and Aeditto combines hardware, software, and material research expertise, fostering synergy to drive innovation and sustainability forward.

Future Goals

The project envisions establishing shellac as a widely adopted material in the furniture and interior design markets. It aims to offer a range of customizable, sustainable products that cater to the diverse needs of environmentally conscious consumers. By harnessing Aeditto's platform, the project intends to create a marketplace for shellac-based designs, fostering collaboration with other designers and expanding its international presence. Through the WORTH Partnership, the project seeks to strengthen its business strategy, increase turnover, access new markets, and emerge as a leader in sustainable design and manufacturing.

Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Furniture - Home Decoration
Project Challenge
  • High-added value solutions



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