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Kinematic handbag by RMATURA

RMATURA vessel is constructed to bring fast pace access with an automatic closure controlled by a pressure of a human palm.

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA

The project

RMATURA vessel is constructed to bring fast pace access with an automatic closure controlled by a pressure of a human palm.

From day to day we carry the same items using pockets of clothes that we change every day. This forces us to face lack of fluency and coordination in carrying experience of objects.

Precise motion engineering combined with redefined craftsmanship resulted in RMATURA vessel that is set to reach new levels of convenience and versatility.



In the days of my childhood, I remember my father having a handbag where he used to carry all his essentials. I even remember the feel of it, as I tend to sneak in it and secretly grab a coin or two. I must mention that I learn my lessons not to steal at the time. Anyway, back in the late 90’s such types of bags were popular in Eastern and Middle Europe among men. As I reached the age of 20, my on-go inventory increased, I figured that the concept of carrying things in one place could be practical. Sadly, such bags were out of fashion.

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA - image 1

Nowadays we can often see that men and women carry exactly the same bags. As all of them look different actually they are the same. Till this day, bags are mostly crafted by the same principles as centuries ago. This seems to be a critical point for a handbag evolution, as it limits bringing something new and unseen.

Our focus in creating pressure controllable mechanism with priority to ergonomics is resulted in design itself. This brings our vessel that could be carried by all genders.

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA - image 2

After several unsuccessful iterations, I came up with a unique form and noticed an opportunity to create a handbag which could be controlled using palm pressure. Then it all shifted to engineering. As my partner Lukas Avenas joined me, he brought more depth and justification into our design solutions. Together we agreed on principles of product design development, which was finding the sweet spot in combining stealthiness with ergonomics. The technology behind our product could be sort of described as a synthesis of watchmaking and bag crafting. Me and Lukas mostly took the “watchmaking” part as Stella Soomlais studio adapted bag crafting principles to our product. 

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA - image 3

Merging different competences helped to escalate the working processes and results started to show up. In less than a year we brought much bigger results, than I managed to deliver in two years alone. Sharing responsibilities and ideas armored our projects from many mistakes and errors. It seems that we have faced a number of dead end challenges. Thankfully, we have managed to deal with them, as partners brought their working insights, which was helpful in selecting the right solutions.

Shout-out to our mentor Assaad Awad for guiding us through.

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA - image 4

Is microsecond away. Looking forward to meeting new people, brands and investors to collaborate with.

Kinematic handbag by RMATURA - image 5

If you live with the idea the whole time, but feel uncertain, just start and do it, you learn your way through. 

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Lukas is an industrial designer working with various brands in Europe, currently involved in developing concepts for interiors, watches and other accessories.

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Nedas is an entrepreneur currently working on an active printing press for the clothing market. After setting up his first company, SPAUDOZA, he is now exploring new opportunities to grow his business with the next venture.

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The Stella Soomlais studio makes leather bags & accessories. In addition to its good quality, long-lasting design, the company has implemented circular economy principles and became the region’s pioneer in sustainable bags.

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