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WORTH Partnership Project

kinoko torii

A sustainable and smart toy for children 3-12 years old, made out of mycelium, recycled textiles, and smart textiles

kinoko torii

The message of the project

Kinoko Torii offers a pedagogical experience in mycelium, sustainable materials, and electronics to children.

kinoko torii

The idea behind the project 

Kinoko Torii provides children with a companion akin to a plush toy, and through the soft lighting it emits when connected to its base, it becomes a nightlight at sleeping time. Kinoko Torii is a set of three collectible toys that form a family, but the possibility also exists for the children to make their own toys through the DIY kit containing instructions for adults and children, clay for shaping, silicon for the molds, and substrate for the mycelium. This will enable the users to extend the collectibles into a variety of other forms, discovering the mycelium and its growth process along the way.

kinoko torii

How does the project contribute to the New European Bauhaus Initiative

Kinoko Torii stands for a unique implementation model that is focused not only on high innovation, sustainability, and circularity but also on charity, affordability, and, above all, inclusiveness,  demonstrating a perfect alignment of our vision with the Worth and New European Bauhaus values. The integration of upcycled resources as part of the substrate provides us with an opportunity to achieve a sustainable, circular, and non-polluting process and an affordable object. The materiality of Kinoko Torii and the formal vocabulary chosen enable us to foster inclusive aesthetics and experiences.

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Nadja Gaudilliere


Sara Robertson

United Kingdom