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WORTH Partnership Project

La Paire

An innovative approach to women's footwear.

La Paire

The message of the project

La Paire focuses on designing female footwear specifically tailored for pregnant women, combining fashionable aesthetics with uncompromised user comfort. La Paire footwear is meticulously crafted with the daily comfort of pregnant women in mind, blending quality, durability, and style to ensure longevity. The project consortium includes Łukasiewicz Institute of Technology in Łódź, Poland, and Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, contributing expertise in biomechanical research of the female foot and the development of eco-friendly footwear materials. The project encompasses several stages: shoe and insole design, prototype production, performance testing of developed products and materials, and preparation for industrial-scale production of new shoe models.

The idea behind the project

La Paire represents an innovative approach to women's footwear, particularly addressing the needs of pregnant women. The brand stands out by offering shoes that prioritize both health and fashion, suitable for pregnant women seeking to care for their feet without sacrificing style. Designed by a young mother drawing from personal experience, La Paire shoes are not only fashionable but also promote foot health. The brand emphasizes safety with high-quality materials that meet stringent quality standards and are tested for chromium content. Additionally, La Paire is committed to ecological sustainability, ensuring the health of future generations with eco-friendly practices and materials.

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  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
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  • Accessories
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  • High-added value solutions