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WORTH Partnership Project

Liquid Lights

Reviving stained glass for modern spaces: join our collaboration, where artistry and innovation unite in mesmerizing room dividers.

Liquid lights

The message of the project

The magic of stained glass shouldn't be limited to distant cathedrals. Their project introduces a one-size-fits-all solution to bring stained glass to homes and workplaces – a freestanding, modular room divider adorned with mesmerizing stained glass panels. Experience the captivating dance of light as it transforms spaces.

The idea behind the project

Join them on an artistic journey as glass artist Kim Bijnen and product designer Maximilian Beck bridge the past and present through their groundbreaking collaboration.

What sets their collaboration apart? The union of glass art mastery and technical brilliance in product design. This synergy empowers them to craft an innovative interpretation of stained glass, breathing fresh air into its age-old allure. Their vision unfolds with the experimentation of slumped glass in a 2D setup. Picture sheets of glass taking on dynamic 3D forms, mirroring the fluidity of nature. Imagine curtains of glass swaying in the breeze, frozen in time.

What next?

Their vision extends beyond creation – it's about sparking a movement. By reimagining stained glass in a fresh light, they aim to inspire a rekindled appreciation for the beauty of heritage and craftsmanship. As their modular dividers find their place in homes and workplaces, they envision a revival of admiration for the intricate artistry that has stood the test of time. This project isn't just about design; it's a testament to the resilience of creativity across eras.

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WORTH Partnership Projects II
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Furniture - Home Decoration
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Reinventing craftsmanship



Maximilian Beck


Kim Hoyer