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WORTH Partnership Project

MARTÍS X Zeefier

Responsible capsule collection designed with seaweed colours on organic cotton and linen

MARTÍS X Zeefier

The message of the project

Buy less, wear more, use natural colours, and protect the environment.

MARTÍS X Zeefier

The idea behind the project

BY MARTIS is a new sustainable fashion business that specialises in modular women's clothing and detachable accessories. They were looking for partners to help them reduce their carbon impact and came across Zeefier.

Zeefier's goal is to colour the textile world responsibly with dyes manufactured exclusively from seaweed. Two distinct sustainability stories united to become one that is stronger, better, and more effective.

Their task is to produce designs that allow for as many different combinations as possible while remaining fashionable. Their final product will be the revolutionary capsule collection MARTS X Zeefier, which will be constructed responsibly using seaweed colours on organic cotton and linen.

They are the ideal team to address the textile industry's major difficulties. They are experts in slow fashion, producing long-lasting items, ethical manufacturing, and developing colours that do not require new water or chemicals. They are motivated by a passion for their profession, as well as a deep dedication to the environment and their fellow people.

MARTÍS X Zeefier

What next?

They see the great potential for a long-term partnership. For the MARTS X Zeefier line, each new Zeefier colour brings new outfits and accessories. Slovenia has a border with the Adriatic Sea just like the North Sea does with the Netherlands. The two firms have already explored the possibility of creating a line of "Slovenian" seaweed dyed-fabric, as well as collaborating with other European nations to raise awareness about the need to protect our seas and the species that dwell in them.

Purchasing clothing from the collection reduces the user's initial expenditure and makes them more affordable. Their garments are dyed with seaweed, making them gentle on their skin and the environment in which they reside.

MARTÍS X Zeefier