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WORTH Partnership Project

Michael Ruggiero x New Blue

The combination of a fabric made out denim waste and garments created with zero waste paper pattern.

Michael Ruggiero x New Blue

The message of the project

The project conveys a message of experimental zero-waste garments fashioned from textile waste. Its aim is to disrupt the cycle of waste creation and establish a new cycle that generates value through innovative garments.

The idea behind the project

The concept involves two strategies for mitigating waste: preventing waste during the design phase and recycling industrial waste. It commences with the creation of fabric from industrial waste, where scraps are ground and assembled using an embroidery grid within a rectangular frame. This fabric is then used with an experimental paper pattern that optimally utilizes the entire fabric square. The 3D design phase provides visibility into the outcome, minimizing the need for prototypes or samples, resulting in sustainable artisanal garments.

What next?

The future goal is to close the waste loop by producing bespoke garments using zero-waste cut patterns, demonstrating a circular denim material as a proof of concept for waste absorption and elimination throughout the process, thereby establishing a truly circular framework.

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Michael Ruggiero


A New Kind of Blue